red-yellow-green-sampleIf are currently on the Slenderiiz low-glycemic diet, you may find this chart an easy-to-use reference in making good choices on a daily basis for your meals and snacks.

The 7-page document was adapted from Dr. Strand’s “Healthy for Life” book. However, instead of having three separate lists to look through, we have organized the foods all together by category (eg, fruits, vegetables, potatos, etc) and have color coded them green, yellow and red. The last page contains a list of proteins/fats… these are also color-coded green, yellow and red.

The document also includes a “calorie count” and suggested serving size for each food listed.

Phase I (weight loss): green

When in Phase I, we encourage you to only eat foods that are color coded: green

Phase II (maintenance): green or yellow

Once you have reached your health and weight loss goals, we encourage you to move to Phase II of the program and only eat foods that are color-coded: green or yellow.

We recognize that “no one is perfect”… but this will be a good “reminder” to choose as many green foods over yellow, and yellow foods over red. Over time you will learn to make these choices automatically, which will result in developing a healthy body (with a side effect of permanent fat loss!)

If your favorite food is not on the list, you can find its glycemic index / load from a variety of sources on the web. Remember that a glycemic load of 0-10 is considered “green”, 10-20 is “yellow” and over 20 is “red”.

Download and Print

Click to download and print your copy: Glycemic Chart of Common Foods