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Who is Dr. H, anyway?

rickhoneaDr. Rickey Honea (a.k.a. Dr. H) currently lives in Lubbock TX. He has a doctorate in Theology and started an online Bible College that has helped train over 55,000 people with over 8,000 enrolled in our online college today. He is also a Licensed Massage Instructor/Therapist, and Massage CEU provider registered with the State of Texas. He has been involved with the home base business phenomena since he was 17 years old.  He is currently a life coach, motivational speaker and trainer, a hypnotherapist and a hypnosis instructor, and a web designer !

As a personal life coach and skill set trainer, Dr. H. has had the honor of speaking to and for several Multimillion dollar companies throughout the years, helping people to develop their own personal skill sets for success in many areas of their lives. He has had the pleasure of speaking and working with small groups and also with large groups of 4000 plus CEO’s, and currently delivers live weekly calls for personal and team skill set trainings.

Dr. H. had also been a pastor/evangelist of a local church in Lubbock, TX for over 27 years. He continues to speak weekly for large companies helping their leaders to develop real SKILL sets that they can use to build themselves, their business and the people they work with. He has helped to create online Universities that have helped people around the world to bring change into their lives.

Dr. H. says “I am very pleased and honored to be associated with Ariix and working with Todd, Ruel and Bill directly in this industry.”

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