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Ashleigh Gass – Professional Athlete on PureNourish Meal Replacement with BCAAs

ashleighgassAshleigh Gass, BSc, CSCS, MES, CISSN, who was featured on the cover of Wellness magazine explains how the new PureNourish formulation is helping her be the world figure champion she is. She also explains how this new shake can help people who have given up on losing weight get back in shape. The Branch-Chain amino acids are key, whether you are a top notch athlete preparing for a competition, a middle aged adult struggling with weight loss, or an elderly person trying to regain your freedom of movement.

This video was presented by Ashleigh at the 2014 ARIIX convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Ginger

Dr. Ginger explains the new formulas for the Slenderiiz shakes and explains what the ingredients can do for your health, skin, and energy levels.